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Welcome to Learning Dreams Educational & Therapeutic Center
Serving the Greater Flint Area and Beyond


Psychological Assessment & Counseling Services

Imagine a clinical practice that has a team of professionals who can partner with you and your family to completely understand your cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and wellness needs. Then, this team of skilled professionals will continue to offer the support you need to develop your skills across settings – educational, career, interpersonal – so you can thrive every day. For many people, that sounds like a dream, and that’s why we call our practice Learning Dreams. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. We brought together a team of skilled clinicians to build a multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory practice that can help make these dreams a reality. 

That doesn’t mean these dreams come true instantly, but with consistent hard work, Learning Dreams can help you find relief and achieve your goals. All our personalized treatments are integrated, as needed, for the optimum benefit to the client. We help children, teens, and adults who want to undergo assessment to understand their needs more clearly, and our knowledgeable clinicians offer a full range of diverse services to meet any need. 

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Increase Cooperation

Do you struggle to get along with friends and family, work in teams at work, or otherwise find cooperation difficult?

If you find it difficult to cooperate or bond with other people, struggle in relationships, or otherwise find it challenging to navigate social, professional, or academic settings where others seem to thrive – we can help. Partnering with our clinicians, you can improve your ability to work with others, manage anger and other big emotions, and generally lead a more fulfilling and less stress-inducing life.

young man in speach therapy

Build Confidence

Do you, or someone you know, struggle with reading, chronic anxiety, or performing daily activities?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, let’s talk about how the knowledge you can gain by completing evaluative assessments with our clinicians can translate into the confidence you need to be successful in any aspect of your life.

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Cultivate a Sense of Calm

Are school or work assignments frustrating and challenging? Do they trigger anxiety?

If you’re struggling with challenges in any aspect of your life, we have the necessary therapies to help you excel. It can be overwhelming to discover you have unique challenges that make things a little more difficult, but it doesn't have to stay that way. Instead, we give you the answers to why you’re having a difficult time and how you can make progress and achieve your goals. 

student learning

Improve Concentration

Has it been suggested that you have a learning disability? Do you have trouble paying attention?

Struggling in the classroom and difficulty concentrating are behavioral symptoms of numerous underlying developmental, cognitive, and emotional health issues. Our team offers powerful, comprehensive assessment services to help you get to the root of concentration concerns, learning difficulties, and other concerns, including evaluation and therapy options for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

interracial family

Cherish Your Loved Ones & Find Joy in Every Day

Does it feel like everyone around you is enjoying healthy, fulfilling relationships, but you’re always struggling? 

 Relationships, especially those with our families, can help us to feel nourished and satisfied, but when your relationships just don’t seem to work, you may be left feeling frustrated and drained by every interaction. When the members of your family are healthy and happy – your family will flourish. The team at Learning Dreams can help individuals to achieve their goals, and we can work on helping your whole family function better together. 

“Learning Dreams has made the difference between success and failure, understanding and confusion, and hope and despair, for our family.” – L.M.

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Partner with the Learning Dreams Team

Learning, cognitive, and behavioral challenges can’t be cured, but Learning Dreams provides the tools and resources to enable our clients to work around these difficulties and achieve great success. We also offer services to help individuals adapt and recover from physical injury or limitations. We are here to help you live your best and most fulfilling life.  

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