We would like to give many thanks to the great number of people who have given us such positive testimonials about the work we do and our passion for it. Read below to read what some of current and past clients have to say about us.

We can’t say enough good things about the treatment our sons received at Learning Dreams. They have been afforded opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible without the care they received from the awesome therapist. We didn’t feel that we were just a patient but actually family. We felt that each and every therapist had a genuine concern and love for our children and not to mention the significant learing progress they made.

B. Mayes, Parent

Mt. Morris, MI

Because of Learning Dreams, I was able to attend college on an athletic scholarhip.  This winter, (2014), I will be graduating from college with my bachelor degree.

Craig M., Former LD Student

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At first I could not read, but now I'm above grade level.

Kamille, Current LD Student

Without Ms. Kori's help our dyslexic granddaughter would have not graduated from high school, nor earn a full-ride scholarship to U of M. When we contacted Learning Dreams, the school had asked us to leave.  Ms. Kori fought for our granddaughter to be tested and get the proper special education services she needed.

Boykins, Former LD Grandparents

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I was introduced to Kori Carson and Learning Dreams about ten years ago. My son was in the third grade when we met, he was struggling with reading, spelling and phonics at that time. He had been to several other tutors and there was basically no progress. He was about two reading grade levels behind his peers then.  He lacked self confidence and was withdrawn from constantly being told he was just lazy by teachers. It didn't seem to matter to the teachers or the school system as a whole that he had recently been diagnosed with dyslexia. Learning Dreams’ staff used a personal approach to our problem that was very different from the other tutors I had thrown money down the drain on.


Kori was very knowledgeable about dyslexia as well as patient, encouraging and helpful; my son never felt as though he was being talked down to, when she was tutoring him. She made both my son and I feel confident that every child has the ability to learn to read well and be successful in school. Ms. Carson also helped us become much more knowledgeable as to what dyslexia fully entailed. Kori also helped us understand that not just any reading tutor could help, that the tutor needed to be fully trained in a multi-sensory hands on reading approach that was helpful to any student learning to read, but especially helpful in teaching children with dyslexia how to read.


The program that the tutor introduced my son to was called the Wilson reading program. The program helped my son "crack the code" and become a confident reader. He began to make tremendous progress within a few months, and also started to enjoy reading. Kori has helped me navigate through the I.E.P. and 504 plan maze. She helped me know my son's rights as a student and my rights as a parent, so that I could make sure that the school system provided all the support that he needed to be successful. She sparked my desire to become as knowledgeable as I could about dyslexia so that I could help and not allow him to fall through the cracks. Thanks to Learning Dreams and Ms. Carson I am happy to say that my son is now a freshman at a major university and that with their help and support, my son was not only taught to read but also built his self confidence and enabled him to become a productive, self-confident, young man. I am truly grateful for all of her knowledge and support.


It has been ten years but I will never forget; and I call Kori every year that he climbs a year higher on the academic ladder of success.


Sadly most teachers had written him off in the third grade, shame on them. We need more Kori Carson's in this world.

Leta M., Former LD Parent

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