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Speech & Language Therapy Services in Michigan

Speech-language therapists are skilled professionals who provide a range of essential services to clients of all ages, from infants to the aging community. Whether issues with speech and language are developmental or related to an accident, injury, or illness, speech and language therapy services in Michiganat Learning Dreams can help you achieve success. With a variety of proven speech and language therapy methods, our clinicians can help you or your child speak and communicate clearly and confidently.

Why Would I Need to Schedule Speech & Language Therapy Services? 

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Speech is the verbal expression of language and includes articulation, which is the way sounds and words are formed. Language is a broader concept, referring to the entire system of expressing and receiving information in a way that’s meaningful. It’s understanding and being understood through verbal, non-verbal, and written communication. Although problems with speech and language differ, they often overlap. 

Some Examples of Speech & Language Concerns

It can be difficult to understand speech and language concerns as non-specific concepts. Instead, it can be helpful to think of individual, real world struggles that individuals may experience with speech and language. Some individual instances of speech and language concerns include the following examples: 

  • One client with a language рrоblеm might bе able tо рrоnоunсе wоrdѕ well, but they are unаblе tо put more than two words together or develop or understand more advanced sentence structure.

  • Another client’s speech might be difficult to understand, but the client uses a variety of complex words and phrases to express difficult ideas and concepts. 

  • Yet anоthеr client mіght speak well, but they have difficulty following directions or comprehending complex concepts and ideas. 

Our Speech & Language Therapy Services

​Like the other therapy and evaluation services we offer at Learning Dreams, our speech and language therapy services are personalized to each person’s needs. You’ll work in partnership with one of our speech-language therapists to design your personalized plan. We work with individuals and small groups to provide direct treatment interventions and consultations to address problems in many areas, including the following:​

  • Articulation and phonological disorders

  • Developmental speech delay

  • Oral motor skills

  • Swallowing and feeding deficits

  • Fluency (stuttering disorders)

  • Hearing disorders

  • Post-cochlear implant rehabilitation

  • Language disorders

  • Cognitive deficits

  • Voice deficits

  • Auditory Processing Disorders

  • Autism

  • Parent coaching

What is considered normal development for my child?

Download and review these milestones to help you and your doctor decide if your child needs a Speech and Language Therapist.


Partner with the Learning Dreams Team

Learning, cognitive, and behavioral challenges can’t be cured, but Learning Dreams provides the tools and resources to enable our clients to work around these difficulties and achieve great success. We also offer services to help individuals adapt and recover from physical injury or limitations. We are here to help you live your best and most fulfilling life.  

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