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Learning Dreams Educational and Therapeutic Center is a a full service private practice providing evaluation, diagnosis, and individualized treatment for clients of all ages, from children to seniors. We have a family-centered philosophy.


We are located in the Salem Building on Pierson Road in Flint Township. If you live in the area, you can attend sessions in our safe, convenient location with front door parking for easy access. If you live out of the area, some of our services are available online!

We are able to achieve terrific results through consistent attendance, hard work, and mutual respect. 

Here are the essentials to get you started working with Learning Dreams today:

Our clients commit to their Individual Plan of Service, willing to do what it takes to succeed. 

1. Commitment

In order to receive the maximum benefit from therapy services, it is important to keep all scheduled appointments.  

We understand that there may be times that attendance is not possible (illness, family emergency). However, attendance is required for at least 80% of the scheduled therapy sessions over a three month period (10/12 sessions) to maintain a place on the schedule and remain in good standing with insurance carriers. 

2. Your Initial Consultation

To get details on how Learning Dreams can help you with your specific challenges, or to obtain additional information about any of our services, you can schedule an initial consultation of 30-minutes. 

3. Your First Session

We are committed to providing you and your family the best educational and theraputic services possible. Here are a few tips for a successful first session:


  1. All clients, particularly children, should be rested and fed so they are comfortable during the session. We offer light snacks during each session.

  2. The therapist engaged in the evaluation will ask lots of questions with regard to medical history.

  3. For clients who are children, questions may include, "When did the child first start to talk, walk, etc."? Parent involvement is very important during a child's evaluation.

  4. Please bring any therapy prescription from your overseeing physician and any reports from past therapists. These can include IEP, evaluation, or discharge reports.

  5. Please take a few minutes to complete the Intake Packet online. You can also print it out, complete it, and bring it to your first visit. The Intake Packet is critical to providing you with the best service.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your visit or services, please call us at (810) 391-2923 or send a message.

4. The Intake Packet and Other Forms

No one actually enjoys paperwork, but we hope providing you access to our forms online will make it easier to complete them at your convenience. Forms must be returned to the center one week before your appointment.  

You May Complete The Forms Online in Our Secure Portal

Just phone us at (810) 391-2923 to give us your name and email address, and we will send you the secure link where you can complete the entire Intake Packet online.


If You Prefer To Print The Forms and Complete Them In Person ...

You can download the Intake Packet from our web site. Forms may faxed (810-391-2968), mailed, or hand-delivered to the clinic.

If you would like us to coordinate care with another provider (for example: your psychiatrist, primary care physician, etc.), complete the "Authorization / Consent for Release of Records" so we can obtain your records.

Note: You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader, for free, HERE.

5. Insurance & Billing

Learning Dreams Educational and Therapeutic Center works with many different insurance companies. Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. ​

It is the patient's responsibility to check on their own insurance policy for coverage. 

Even though you have coverage does not guarantee payment.  

We will bill to insurances as a courtesy for our patients but cannot guarantee coverage or payment!


The patient is responsible for any charges that the insurance company does not cover, co-payments and deductibles.

6. Pricing and Fees

We have posted a pricing sheet for your convenience.


Reduced fee services or alternative fee payment arrangements maybe available on a limited basis. Please ask your therapist for more information.  

7. Payments

Full payment is due at the time services are rendered. Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted for payment. Please do not hesitate to call us at (810) 391-2923 or contact us online for any questions at all.

Do You Have Additional Questions?

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