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Getting Started at Learning Dreams of Michigan

Learning Dreams Educational and Therapeutic Center is a full service, private practice, providing evaluation, diagnosis, and individualized treatment for clients of all ages, from children to seniors. Our practice has a family-centered treatment philosophy, and we strive to create healthier and more fulfilling lives for individuals and families in Michigan. When you’re ready to get started working with us, we’ll make the process simple and stress free. 

If you live in the area, you can attend sessions in our safe, convenient office location with front door parking for easy access. If you live out of the area, many of our services are available online!

It is important to us that our clients commit to their individual plan for services. We are able to achieve terrific results through the consistent attendance, hard work, and mutual respect of committed clients. Our team members are willing to do what it takes to help you succeed, so let’s get started!

Caucasian family reading and studying tgether.

The Essentials to Getting Started

Below, we’ve provided basic information about every step of the getting started process with Learning Dreams. You can click on the numbered buttons to get details about each step before you ever reach out. Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions.

1. Commitment
2. Your Initial Consultation
3. Your First Session
4. The Intake Packet
5. Insurance & Billing
6. Pricing and Fees
7. Payments

Learning Dreams, LLC. | 1091 Creekwood Trail, Burton, MI 48509 | Fax: (810) 391-2968

Do You Have Additional Questions?

Or Contact Us:

If you would like us to coordinate care with another provider (for example, your psychiatrist, primary care physician, etc.), complete the "Authorization / Consent for Release of Records" so we can obtain your records.

Note: You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader, for free, here.


Partner with the Learning Dreams Team

Learning, cognitive, and behavioral challenges can’t be cured, but Learning Dreams provides the tools and resources to enable our clients to work around these difficulties and achieve great success. We also offer services to help individuals adapt and recover from physical injury or limitations. We are here to help you live your best and most fulfilling life.  

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