About Learning Dreams 

At Learning Dreams, we offer specialized programs for:

  • Autism

  • Dyslexia

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Specific Language Impairments

  • Emotional Disorders

  • At-Risk & Gifted Learners

We work with the community to share our tools through training and workshops, promoting successful learning regardless of age or difficulty.

We provide comprehensive services to individuals who have learning differences using our proprietary Learning Dreams model.


Learning Dreams also provides the educational community with the necessary resources to develop innovative solutions for all levels of learning.


Our Team

Ranim Baroudi

Counselor, LLPC

My goal is to add as much value to my clients' lives as possible. To do so, I need to connect with my clients in a way that helps organize, improve, and focus their control on their issues. My ideal client is the one that, whether they are conscious about it or not, allows me to help them. This client recognizes the importance of seeking help from others and not trying to fix everything on their own. The goal of my ideal client is to get emotionally healthier. Whether its just someone to talk to about life, someone with severe emotional issues, or anything in-between, I am ready and willing to be there for them, to help.


Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13) Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19) Adults Elders (65+)

Contact: (810) 391-2923  Ex:


I am fluent in Arabic

Diamond Terry


An ideal client is someone who is aware that therapy is necessary to sort emotions, feelings, trauma and pain and is willing to put in the necessary work to change their life. It is important for any potential client to understand that therapy is fundamental to navigate through life successfully. Therapy is designed to educate, engage and promote healthy living and thinking. My passion in life is watching people develop into a healthier , happier self. This is done by introducing a new way of living and allowing an individual to see life through a new lens. As a clinical therapist I am trained and educated to assist individuals with learning healthy coping skills, parenting skills, and lifestyle changes. I am eager and anxious to engage and assist anyone who is willing to make the necessary changes in their life. I have worked with various age groups elderly, to children.


Alzheimer's, Family Conflict, Depression

Contact: (810) 391-2923  Ex:


Stephanie Stott


I believe in creating a safe space for a collaborative therapeutic experience. I tailor my therapeutic techniques and approaches to each individual and their specific life experiences and needs.
I work with individuals and couples, adults and adolescents on a range of issues including: overcoming depression, anxiety, and mood disorders; adjustment issues and life transitions; gender and sexuality; social anxiety and peer relationships. I have experience working with seniors, military veterans, individuals who identify as LGBTQ, and people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.


seniors, veterans, individuals who identify as LGBTQ, and people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

Contact: (810) 391-2923  Ex:


Joe Laird


Joseph Laird is a licensed professional counselor in the field of mental health with more than 20 years of experience working with youth ages 11-16. Mr. Laird has written a book called “There is A Way” and co-authored three supporting workbooks, with Kori Carson Dean.


Anxiety, Depression, & Married Couples

Contact: (810) 391-2923  Ex:


Deborah Ferguson


Dr. Ferguson is a licensed psychiatrist who specializes in Behavioral Medicine, treating children and adults; she has more than 25 years of experience.


Children & Adults

Contact: (810) 391-2923  Ex:


Yvonne Williams


Ms. Williams brings more than 30 years of clinical and educational setting experience as an occupational therapist.


Slip & Fall Risk Assessment

Contact: (810) 391-2923  Ex:


Kori E. Carson Dean


As the company founder, Kori has more than 20 years in the field of education as a teacher, administrator and school psychologist. Kori administers psychological and neurospychological assessments to children, adolescents, and adults to measure the nature and extent of a disorder and rule out other possible contributors to the presenting problem(s).


Learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, social security disaibility, court request, accommodations to take state or national exams, independent educational evaluations for special education, and pre-surigical qualification for bariatric surgery.

Contact: (810) 391-2923  Ex:



Monday- Friday 9 AM- 9 PM

Saturday 10 am- 5 pm,




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Flint, Michigan 48504

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